The Chosen Band

It has been quite a while since I updated this blog. During these months, I did not add the vendor list and the last item I dealt for this wedding preparation was the wedding band.

Last year we visited a traditional wedding fair at Balai Kartini, and saw Frank n Co brand. There were promotions such as: IDR 6M wedding band and credit card discount. I prefer one model when I was here and thought that the price was over our budget, but I kinda got an idea of what model of wedding band I love. I also followed Frank n Co instagram and found pretty wedding band. The admin kept saying to send inquiry through email but it was very disappointing that my price inquiry by email is ignored until now.

We also went to Mall Kelapa Gading to visit Adelle and Miss Mondial. They also had the promo price for wedding band and at Miss Mondial, I first found out that recently rose gold wedding band is popular among couples. And for Adelle, the advertisement said that they used modern technique so that the diamond on your band look 4 times bigger than its original size and they also have the service item that let couples have private consultation with designer to custom-make their wedding band. However, you get what you pay for, the price rises along with this service.

After these visits, we just spent time to decide which model to choose by online. We also consider to purchase here in Taiwan but the price differs like a lot! We had our budget for wedding band and at first did not want to exceed the nominal, so we eliminate the option of buying at Taiwan. These are the three wedding band I considered (taken from Adelle jewelry instagram):


But these three bands’ are quite thick and I do not think it will look good on my stubby finger, and so I try to look for another model and my last choice is:

cincin fnco A16038140

I like the diamonds lining at the center and hopefully its depth fits my fat finger.

Finger crossed for the wedding band!


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