HPV Vaccine Plight

It was last year that I was introduced to the cervical cancer which happened to be major killer among woman listed equally as dangerous as breast cancer. Cervical cancer is caused by virus known as Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), a sexually transmitted infection. There was a newcomer at our church, a doctor coming to have … Continue reading HPV Vaccine Plight

Wedding Survey: Wedding Organizer

During my three day stay in Jakarta in early August, I made two appointments with Wedding Organizer (WO) candidates. Why only two? Because previously I had spent time to do research and compare several WO services and price lists before I came to asking to meet two strong candidates in person. However, when we had … Continue reading Wedding Survey: Wedding Organizer

Wedding Survey : Venue and Church

By early August, I returned to Jakarta for very short duration to do some surveys for the wedding preparation. We decided to first take a look at the venue candidates, ask more information about church registration and meet with the wedding organizer candidates and photography vendor as well. This post will mainly describe the survey … Continue reading Wedding Survey : Venue and Church