Wedding Here, wedding There

Attending two wedding parties in Taiwan and one engagement party, I now know the program schedule of wedding/engagement party held and I want to make a comparison between Taiwanese and Indonesian wedding program. Indonesian international wedding party is mostly influenced by western style wedding, usually has “buffet” style, where guests can choose available dishes served … Continue reading Wedding Here, wedding There

Foreign Languages Mass at Taipei

Below is information about English masses (unless otherwise stated) intended for non-Mandarin speakers in Taipei: Guting Sacred Heart 11:00 22 Xinhai Road, Sec 1Zhongzheng District中正區辛亥路一段22號 MRT Taipower Building exit1 or 2   St Christopher’s 09:00 10:30 18:00 (Pilipino 07:30 12:00) Saturday 17:00 Daily 12:15 51 Zhongshan N Road Sec 3 Zhongshan District中山區中山北路3段51號 MRT Minchuan E … Continue reading Foreign Languages Mass at Taipei