Almost Stegosaurus Ridge

Taiwan east part has very beautiful view and this time we decided to hike Stegosaurus Ridge located at Ruifang, New Taipei City. Our meeting point was Taipei Main Station (TMS) exit M1 to take 8.20am 1811 bus to 禮樂煉錭廠 but then one of our members got lost inside TMS maze and so we delayed our … Continue reading Almost Stegosaurus Ridge

XiaoWuLai Day Trip

We went to XiaoWuLai on weekend to see the skywalk. XiaoWuLai is located at Taoyuan County and can be reached by bus 502 from Taoyuan Train Station, it took us 1.5hour to arrive there. The skywalk adopts online registration before visitor can enter it as they have limitation for each time period. We register for … Continue reading XiaoWuLai Day Trip

Change of Plan: Qing Tian Gang

I always allocate weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) for refreshing. My Sunday schedule is always fixed: go to the church in the morning, attend Chinese class in the afternoon and hang out with church friends at night. Saturday is more flexible, sometimes I just stay at home, sometimes go groceries shopping, sometimes go hiking, sometimes … Continue reading Change of Plan: Qing Tian Gang