Taoyuan Prewedding Photoshoot

Even though there is no other dealt vendor, this June we finally completed the pre-wedding photo shoot. Firstly arranged on May 9, the photo shoot was cancelled due to the heavy rain in the morning and we discussed with the bridal to let us delay the schedule to June 5 (after they make sure that the MUA and photographer and the dresses are available). May 9 that day, we went to bridal and after confirmed to delay it to June 5, we headed to the car rental to re-order the rent car date. It was so nice of the car rental company that they allowed us to reschedule the date without losing our down payment.

For photo shoot in Taiwan I would not recommend December-March since winter is still in the air. The chilly weather with sexy dress are not really a good match for our health, except if photo shoot is done in the snow scenery. May-June is rainy season (especially this year and this week when rain never ceases), July-September is summer, it is very hot and humid outside and in addition to this, the probability of typhoon hitting Taiwan is high in these months. So probably, April, October, November are best choices. But I do not want to hold this task any longer so just go on with May-June.

Our photo shoot was finally conducted on Monday June 5. We went to bridal at 9am and started the makeup session which lasted for 2 hours. Too bad 2 of my gowns hadn’t been altered after someone bigger than me wore it so I needed to wait for another 40 minutes to get this done. After the makeup, we directly went to Shimen Reservoir and proceed to the愛神維納斯婚紗攝影基地. There was a change of plan, because originally we wanted to go to Dear 婚紗攝影基地 but because the photographer said that the cathedral (which is favorite photo spot) at Dear was still under construction then we changed our destination.

Some background of our photo shoot including:

Forest atmosphere (white)

Zebra cross

The swing on the lake

The cathedral

Pink flower background (red)

Spiral staircase

The windmill

Crystal church

White flower background (black)

Wood bridge

Tree lined bridge

Farm carriage

Motorcycle (creamy white)

Antique Volkswagen


Floral wall

Indoor: with the bunny

Photo shoot day is completed! I basically like to be photographed and I did not feel exhausted during that day but the photographer said that he had taken 200 photos of us and decided to end the entire session. Though I am satisfied with the photo result, I still think that the photo amount is not many enough ><

20170623: We went to see the edited file and were satisfied with the edited photo result, will go again next week to see the photo design inside the book.

20170630: Saw the design of each page inside the album, they called it 美編. Because we only get 40 photos inside a 12 inch album, we modified some of the pages having very long sentences that caused it will be difficult to see, also requested some pages to change background.

The next step is to see the modification result and if we are OK with it, they will print the album. So excited!

Actually, I am planning to have another photo shoot in Taipei, probably will take a Saturday to visit bridal shops in Taipei. Unlike going to 婚紗基地like the previous one, if this we finally deal with Taipei bridal shop, I really want to take photo shoot at Tatung University, MAJI 集食行樂, 101, 四四南村, National Theater and Concert Hall.


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