Wedding Here, wedding There

Attending two wedding parties in Taiwan and one engagement party, I now know the program schedule of wedding/engagement party held and I want to make a comparison between Taiwanese and Indonesian wedding program. Indonesian international wedding party is mostly influenced by western style wedding, usually has “buffet” style, where guests can choose available dishes served … Continue reading Wedding Here, wedding There

Foreign Languages Mass at Taipei

Below is information about English masses (unless otherwise stated) intended for non-Mandarin speakers in Taipei: Guting Sacred Heart 11:00 22 Xinhai Road, Sec 1Zhongzheng District中正區辛亥路一段22號 MRT Taipower Building exit1 or 2   St Christopher’s 09:00 10:30 18:00 (Pilipino 07:30 12:00) Saturday 17:00 Daily 12:15 51 Zhongshan N Road Sec 3 Zhongshan District中山區中山北路3段51號 MRT Minchuan E … Continue reading Foreign Languages Mass at Taipei

Do I Understand You?

Do you believe in such thing called friends forever? I do, I consider it is common to believe that there is such friendship that lasts long. It is the friendship that each of the members opens to each other, eager to share his/her life details and more often than not the other members cares, supports … Continue reading Do I Understand You?