This is my very first blog post! So, hello all!

It has been a while when I decided to have a blog. Finally, here it is! After all of the considerations, here are some backgrounds why I think I need to start writing a blog:

  1. Writing documents such as protocols and reports are my daily task. I want to have something new to write about, not merely about test data result and defect discussion.
  2. This is a platform I wish I can share infinitesimal segment about my life; job, family, food, travel; because as we all know sometimes life can be both exciting and boring, and I want to record them down through this blog.
  3. I need an activity more than just web-window-shopping, watching never-ending drama; and I think writing could be good activity to stimulate my brain to think better about how to transfer some ideas into a piece of writing, to arrange the idea in the form of detailed and systematic article to be easily understood. Well, it is a process I know, i just hope I have enough endurance to do so.

Writing is not just a process of creation. It is also a process of self-discovery. “Cristina Istrati”

Welcome and I hope that you will enjoy the blog:)