Our Green Bridal Shower 4/11/17

After taking my guests to a night market that Friday, I slept at my friend’s house even though we had no plan for Saturday. We chatted until late night and woke up at 10 am in the morning, got ourselves ready because my friend suddenly raised the idea that she wanted to eat the famous pineapple cake. Then we took bus and when we arrived, it turns out that my other friends and my boyfriend were there. Our friends welcomed us, took our possessions, and gave us silly-green-eye-mask for us to wear. They also put crowns on our head and sash around our body, Apparently, we were taken to another place but not the pineapple cake store. We walked for around 5 minutes, before we entered a building and went downstairs to basement. We were placed on a spot where they took photos of us (eyes still covered by the silly-green-eye-mask), and finally we were seated on high chairs. When we opened our eyes, a group of our close friends were all there, wearing either green or white clothes, all were seated behind their desk name plates on the table which also decorated in green theme.

They were all so kind to prepare an intimate wedding shower for us! It was ridiculous that actually my bf had already known their scenario, because it was quite difficult to trap my bf into a weekend plan, which forced our friends to reveal the party plan to him eventually, so that he would attend it.

Firstly, we ordered some food to enjoy (it was a brunch café) and started the party. It is not a wedding shower if the bride and groom are not bullied. The first section, we were asked to tell a story about us; how we met, how long we have been together, etc. Then we enjoyed our meal and kept chatting.

After the meal, we were asked to read wedding vows alternately. There were 12 of them; all of them were very practical (not that kind of until death do us apart) and most of them were hilarious. Next we were challenged for shoes game to see how match our answers is by raising my shoe or his shoe. We also had so much fun in playing this game. Some of the questions’ answer were so obvious I did not have any hesitation while I raised my/his shoe, but other question also needed some brainstorming.

DSC03047 - Copy

Lastly, before we left the café, each of us (completely wearing our crown and sash) was given tasks to collect signature from strangers and have their blessings for our marriage. We needed to find someone who has specific requirement such as: has a dog, speaks foreign language, wears nail polish, etc, total of 9 tasks and we also had to take photograph with the stranger as proof. It was rainy day, and the place which initially set at Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall (outdoor) was then changed to 101 building (indoor), anyway both of the places always have many tourists.

I did not really enjoy this game since I know I myself most likely would hesitate if a stranger stopped me and tried to seek my attention by explaining whatever offer he had, Asian typical. However, I really appreciated what our friends had prepared for us and I tried to enjoy it. As my bf has always told me, the western people are mainly open and easy going, and he proofed it. We met a couple who met each other from Tinder who kindheartedly congratulated us and signed for us. On the other hand, he was meanly refused by another eastern guy. Anyway, it was a game and each of us ended by collecting 5 signatures. Then we headed to a Hong Kong restaurant to have dinner together and went back home. That’s all about our wedding shower! Thanks gangs, you’re the best!


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