Taipei Prewedding Photo Shoot

Our second prewedding photo vendor name is Wedding House. We were handled by Mr Pang and the package that we chose included 1 day indoor and outdoor photo shoot, 2 gowns and 1 suit, with the 12 inch albums of 20 photos and photo frame of 6×8. The first time I visited Wedding House, I was alone because my bf was on a business trip. Right after he returned to Taiwan, we went there again together to visit the indoor studios and to arrange the schedule of gown trial and photo shoot location and day.

Each time a schedule comes near, a message will be sent to us as a reminder. Since Wedding House is located in Taipei, we always arrange the appointment on Sunday. The first schedule was gown trial. It took me about 2 hours to try 14 gowns and choose 2 from them. When I arrived, the assistant had chosen some gowns for me based on the reference pictures I sent to them the day before. She was very helpful in assisting me change gown as well as cheerful that we talked quite a lot during the trial session.  She introduced a gown’s strength and after I tried it, besides considering my opinion, she also thought quickly to analyze whether the gown suited me well or not to prepare the next gown to be tried. In Wedding House, they categorized the gown into several types based on its functionality. Some of them can be used for outdoor photo shoot while others can only be used for indoor photo shoot. This gown identity was also mentioned for each gown I tried.

It was quite difficult to choose 2 out of 14 since we also needed to consider the photo shoot location. We wanted indoor (since Wedding House indoor studio is awesome) as well as outdoor. There were some special considerations which added the difficulty level of gown choosing:

  1. I had problems in choosing party gown (color gown), I liked the navy blue but the model was sweetheart which I had worn several times for the first photo shoot, I liked the yellow A-line gown which had wings; great for outdoor photo effect, I liked the bluish green mermaid gown which gown type I had never worn before but can only be used for indoor.
  2. There were 2 plans of outdoor photo shoot: the first was 101 building area at night which Mr Pang said was not an ideal location because 101 building as background was quite monotonous from the photography point of view. For this location, I needed party gown which could be used for outdoor. The second was 大同大學 with its Europe style building which I thought combined with white wedding gown was a perfect ide. There was this white gown I liked the most but sadly it could only be worn for indoor photo shoot.

Because of those tangled consideration, we spent around 3 hours that day just to decide the gown and photo shoot location. Finally, we chose the bluish green mermaid gown for indoor and bolero-added white gown with several layers for outdoor. The gown trial to the photo shoot day just differed around one week, and we were blessed with a very fine weather. We were very delighted to see the clear blue sky that day.

On photo shoot day, we came at  8.30,  had make up session until 10.30 and directly had indoor photo shoot for 1.5 hours until 12.00. We chose 3 spots: bar, library and makeup room. All of them were in dark tone which matched very well with my bluish green gown. A bit sad we couldn’t choose bright tone background because it would be weird combined with my dark gown.

Then we ate lunch and doing retouch session, changing hair do for outdoor photo shoot. When it was finished, we headed to大同大學and had outdoor session until 4 pm. While the weather was perfect, it was also very hot we were all sweaty. We took photos at the big hall, at the European alley and the balcony. Because my gown has bolero added, I also could take it off and changed my gown style. I also requested for short veil and thus I had several combinations for white gown style. So happy that the photo shoot this time, I was allowed to choose accessories on my own, especially necklace and earrings which made me look like real princess!

Yesterday, we went again to Wedding House to choose the photos for album. It took us about 2 hours to choose files. This time we got around 190 photos but to be honest some of the photos had just too many distractions; seemed like the photographer did not play his angle quite skillfully, it was easier for us to eliminate and select the better out of so-so photos compared to the first photo shoot we had (which took us almost 3.5 hours to choose 40 out of 160).

Now we are waiting for the album to be printed and hopefully we will be satisfied with it.


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