XiaoWuLai Day Trip

We went to XiaoWuLai on weekend to see the skywalk. XiaoWuLai is located at Taoyuan County and can be reached by bus 502 from Taoyuan Train Station, it took us 1.5hour to arrive there.

XiaoWuLai Area Map

The skywalk adopts online registration before visitor can enter it as they have limitation for each time period. We register for 11.30am and have half an hour to wander inside skywalk. When we got off the bus at 10.40, we still need to walk for 5minutes to the skywalk ticketing office (ticket price NTD 50) and the lady told us that we can just directly enter the skywalk at 11.00 (earlier than the time we reserved) because there is still enough quota. We were very curious about the skywalk because when we arrived there we just could not find the structure we saw on internet inside the area.


It turns out that the skywalk is covered with trees it is difficult to see from outside. Its length is not as long as I imagined; when we entered the area we were greeted by a very big rock at the left side and the skywalk bridge structure. At this point the flooring was from wood but after several steps, the flooring changed to glass, where we could see XiaoWuLai waterfall at the end of the skywalk, the water is so clear and when we looked down we could see that the waterfall height is quite high! However, it is pretty difficult to take clear photos here; the glasses were not so clear and of course, too many people! Actually at the point where we can see the waterfall at the end of the skywalk, we can feel the bridge structure shook as the visitor quantity increased and we realized that is why they limited the visitor quantity per 30 minute period.

The Skywalk-1
The Skywalk-2
View from the Skywalk: small waterfall and the big rock

Our next spot is the suspension bridge, which entrance is also covered in the skywalk ticket. This bridge adopts one way direction and its width can only hold one adult size. At the end of the bridge, two ways were offered: 1.5hours walk to return to the place we got off from the bus and the other one is 15 minute walk to see Dragon&Phoenix waterfall and Forest Path and another smaller suspension bridge. The Dragon&Phoenix waterfall is beautiful, the waterfall piles up in two stacks and there were two places to enjoy the view, just different distance from the waterfall.

Suspension bridge
Dragon&Phoenix Waterfall
Smaller suspension bridge

We decided to walk the Forest Path (55minutes written on the direction board) and it turned out that we walked the whole path for only 20minutes. Somewhere inside the Forest Path, another path leading to XiaoWuLai Fall Base can be found but the path is closed and the warning “Dangerous” was stuck on a board. Too bad!

We finished our sightseeing inside XiaoWuLai area and it was earlier than we planned, so we just stayed at Water Park, sat on the rocks, chatting (this area has wifi!!). We saw people playing water, jumping from one rock to another and when we wanted to do so, we found that the rocks were slippery and canceled the plan. We stayed at Water Park until around 2pm to take 2.30pm bus to Taoyuan. Another 1.5hours to go and finally the day trip was closed with a bowl of Marugame Udon (and its fried onion) and large bowl of Coldstone (Founder’s Favorite and Banana Strawberry, with the promo of: Second bowl only 20NT)!

Water park


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