I am Never Left Alone

July 1st has always been my favorite, not only because it is my birthday but also because it marks half of the current year. This year my birthday was on Saturday but instead of thinking of having fun, it was the day when my bf went for business trip, luckily his flight was in the afternoon so we still had some time to spend together and to celebrate my birthday.

I always love to wait until 12am midnight on my birthday to pray, to thank God for His blessings during the past year and to ask for His guidance throughout the new age.

I ate noodle for breakfast, the noodle was given by a friend of mine, the newest flavor sold at Jakarta. Eating noodle on birthday symbolizes a hope to have long age, just like noodles. While preparing breakfast, my bf told me that two of our friends would like to come to our city and have lunch together. We waited for their arrival and in the meantime we went to buy birthday cake: the chocolate strawberry mousse cake, took photos, made a wish, blew the question mark candle, cut and ate the cake.

It was 12pm when my friends arrived and we decided to have lunch at Tonlin Department Store: Marugame Udon, the udon store which always has long queue. Having gone to Japan for several times and tried tasty udon from its original place, I did not expect much for Marugame. But I was wrong, the noodle was great! And today, I am already craving to have one more bowl of it.

My kind friends brought me doughnuts as my cake and again I made my wish that day. They were very sweet. Actually we planned to move to another department store to have afternoon tea, but it was raining cats and dogs outside so we just stayed inside and waited until 4 pm when my bf needed to go to the airport for his 7pm flight. Then my two friends sent me home in the falling rain and returned to their city.

When I got home, I started to feel lonely then I decided to open my socmed and reply those birthday greetings. I managed to make two appointments for the coming weekend: one for birthday celebration and the other one for travelling. This rarely happened and I thanked God for His care for me to let me not feel alone.

Usually for Sunday, I will go to church and Chinese class. But the mass is cancelled for the next two weeks and Chinese class is stopped for a month due to summer holiday. I can actually spend my next two weeks totally stay in Taoyuan but it could be very boring. I know I will still go to Taipei and find some friends to hang out with!

Cheers for the new age~~

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