Umbrella Story

These days I was so busy with work and marriage preparation class forcing us to go to Taipei after work to attend the class. We often arrived home near midnight and must work again the day after and it was exhausting.

It was raining heavily yesterday and because my bag was small and I did not bring plastic bag to put my wet umbrella in it, so I just held it in my hand. We were taking MRT from Shilin Station to Taipei Main Station (TMS) and they took about 10 minutes and there were 4 stations in between. I recalled I got a seat and put my umbrella under my seat and took class material to read along the road. I regretted it because after the reading I could not remember whether I had my umbrella with me when I arrived at TMS to transfer to train (TRA) to Taoyuan.

Taking train to the south from Taipei, I never hoped to get a seat because it is always packed with people. Yesterday, we decided to divide our journey into two parts: taking Chukuang train to Shulin (so that we could have a seat for half of our journey) and transfer to local train to Taoyuan. Inside this Chukuang train, I could not remember whether I had my umbrella with me or not 😦 then after I transferred to local train and saw someone with her umbrella, I finally realized I carelessly lost my umbrella.

After I arrived home, I tried to browse for MRT lost and found, there was a list of lost items (when where it was found) and there were a lot of umbrellas listed ( This morning, I tried to call the customer service and instead of answering machine, it was real person answering my call. She thoroughly asked me to describe my umbrella (type, color, handle, tip) and asked me to wait for her checking its presence. I thought my umbrella would be easily recognized by its pumpkin carriage but the answer was NO, there was no umbrella with the characteristics I mentioned to her.

I also tried to see lost and found from TRA (, but there was no umbrella found on the day I lost mine. I really hate to lost umbrella again and again just because I am lazy to put it inside my bag. And this time because it was a special gift with lifetime service warranty and it was not even a year since I got it, I felt quite uncomfortable.

Keep calm and buy new umbrella!


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