Wedding Here, wedding There

Attending two wedding parties in Taiwan and one engagement party, I now know the program schedule of wedding/engagement party held and I want to make a comparison between Taiwanese and Indonesian wedding program.

Indonesian international wedding party is mostly influenced by western style wedding, usually has “buffet” style, where guests can choose available dishes served at public area (like food stall) and serve themselves. Schedule: the party is started by introducing the family of bride and groom and the entrance of the newlyweds, which could include various performance like small drama or first dance. Then proceed to the wedding cake cutting, wedding kiss, the speech, wedding toast, dinner/lunch time, mingle time (newlyweds wander around the guests while distributing cake/chocolates), bouquet toss (looking for prize winners) and closed with photo session. The wedding stage is decorated magnificently (often with Styrofoam to create 3D look) with three pairs of chairs/sofas for the newlyweds and their parents. These six persons will stay on the stage for photo session and guests regards. Every  guest will receive wedding favor/souvenir as thank you gift as they enter the wedding reception.

Taiwanese party is always “around a dinner table” style where each guest is seated in a table of 8 or 10. Schedule: The party is simple and most of the time spent is for conversations among guests and host. There is no wedding cake, no bouquet toss, no drama/first dance performance, and since the schedule is not jammed with numerous items, there is no specific time for mingle. In addition, the wedding stage is plain with no chairs, not decorated luxuriously, big enough to have bride and groom to take the stage. The party is opened with the entrance of family of bride and groom and the newlyweds. Then proceed to the wedding toast by the host expressing gratitude for the attendance and blessing from all of the coming guests. After the toast, one by one dish is sent to the dining table and dinner/lunch is started. Without any specific program, the room is left for the family and guests to enjoy the meal and also to chat to each other. During the meal, the bride will be taken to change her look to the second gown and again welcomed to the wedding hall and they will deliver a speech. Then a video of newlywed love story is played to understand more about the newlyweds, usually the order of photos shown are arranged chronologically.  Newlyweds along with parents will walk around from one table to another table to greet guest, take picture and offer toast for the newlyweds. In my opinion, this section is the most exciting part where newlyweds really can meet and know personally all of the guests coming to the party (unlike Indonesian wedding party, sometimes you just can not meet and see all of the guests). Later, there will be a game held to find several winners getting prizes while other guests are still enjoying their meals. Then the menu will slowly go to the dessert and the guests will know the party is going to end soon. Sometimes the bride will again change her look to the third gown, this time in order to escort guest to go home meaning that the party is over. The newlyweds will stand at the exit to send guests home and take pictures. Sweets and candies are also shared by the newlyweds and guests will get wedding cookies to take home, too, as the thank you gift.

So which of the two wedding programs do you prefer?


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