Foreign Languages Mass at Taipei

Below is information about English masses (unless otherwise stated) intended for non-Mandarin speakers in Taipei:

Guting Sacred Heart 11:00

22 Xinhai Road, Sec 1Zhongzheng District中正區辛亥路一段22號

MRT Taipower Building exit1 or 2


St Christopher’s 09:00 10:30 18:00 (Pilipino 07:30 12:00)

Saturday 17:00 Daily 12:15

51 Zhongshan N Road Sec 3 Zhongshan District中山區中山北路3段51號

MRT Minchuan E Rd exit 9 MRT Zhongshan Elementary School exit 1


Holy Family 09:45

50 Xinsheng S Road sec2 Daan District 大安區新生南路2段50號

MRT Dongmen exit 5


Mother of God 10:00 19:00

Saturday 19:00 Wednesday 19:00

171 Zhongshan N Road sec7 Tienmu Beitou District 北投區中山北路7段171號


St John Bosco’s 10:30

123 Minsheng E Road Sec3 Songshan District 松山區民生東路3段123號

MRT Zhongshan Junior High School


Our Lady of the Assumption 11:30

67 Chengkung Road Sec3 Neihu District 内湖區成功路3段67號

MRT Wende exit 2


Sacred Heart 13:00

114 Zhongxiao E Road Sec6 Nangang District 南港區忠孝東路6段114號

MRT Kunyang exit 1


Blessed Sacrament Spanish 11:30

20 Lane 90 Shipai Road Sec 2 Beitou District 北投區石牌路2段90巷20號20

MRT Shipai exit 1


Annunciation Catholic Saturday 19:30

71-1 Zhongyuan Street Sanxia District三峽區中園街71-1號


Fujen Catholic University 10:00

Tuesday 12:10

510 Chungcheng Road Xinzhuang District新莊區中正路510號

MRT Fujen Catholicc University exit 1


Hwai Ren Sacred Heart of Mary 10:00

18 Ln 255 Zhongshan Rd Sec 2 Banqiao Disctrict板橋區中山路2段255港18號


Chinese Martyrs Sanctuary 11:00

25 Nanya W Road Sec 2 Banqiao District 板橋區南亞西路2段25號

MRT Fuzhong exit 1


Sacred Heart 11:00

154 Zhongshang Road Sec 1 Shulin District 樹林區中山路1段154號


St Paul’s 11:00

1-1 Xinxing Street Xinzhuang District 新莊區新興街1-1號

MRT Xinzhuang exit 1


St Joseph Freinademetz’s 11:00

13 Lane 594 Zhongxiao Road Linkou District 林口區忠孝路594港13號

MRT Fuzhong exit 1


Sanctuary of Our Lady Fatima 11:00 Vietnamese 18:30

139 Chung-Shan Road, Danshui District (Front door) 淡水區中山路139號(前門)

218 Ching-Shuei St, Danshui District (Back door) 淡水區清水街218號(前門)

MRT Danshui exit 1


Our Lady of China 18:00

367 Zhongzheng Road Xindian District 新店區中正路367號


St Joseph’s 13:00 Vietnamese 19:00

70 Zhongzheng Road Luzhou District 蘆洲區中正路70號

MRT Sanmin Senior High School Exit 1


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