Four Days to The Road Trip

There will be a long holiday this weekend, usually called spring break when I was a student. The holiday is combination of both national holidays (Children day and Tomb sweeping day) and mid-term break, lasts for two weeks. Since I am no more a student, so the holiday I have will only last for four days start from Saturday until Tuesday.

This holiday, we plan to go to for a road trip to central Taiwan (by scooter). Specifically, we will go to Nantou. We will stop by Cingjing Farm, spend a night there and continue the trip to Sun Moon Lake and spend two nights there. Before we go back north to Taoyuan, we will also stop by Taichung at the fourth day to travel around the city. I am also dying to eat steak at a restaurant at Taichung night market (tasty, various side dishes and affordable price), so it is also listed in our itinerary.

Road trip title for this holiday is both interesting and challenging. I feel that less preparation is needed for the trip because we do not need to think about the transportation mode taken. It is indeed very difficult to get train/bus ticket for a long holiday in Taiwan, online tickets are sold out quickly! The next homework is to prepare the accommodation, which is very easy to be done by, provided that accommodation is booked as early as possible otherwise only expensive hotels are available. Also, we can book accommodation a little bit further from the tourist spot because we have our own transportation. The drawback is that sitting on scooter for 5-6 hours to reach central Taiwan is really a torture to our body, at least that is what I am afraid of right now. Scooter also can not enter the highway and so we will need to calculate well the distance traveled and the fuel needed just in case there is no gas station along the way.Road trip

I have never been in a road trip before, I do not expect much I am afraid of disappointment but I will try to enjoy since this is a new adventure!

 Every adventure requires a first step.


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