Change of Plan: Qing Tian Gang

I always allocate weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) for refreshing. My Sunday schedule is always fixed: go to the church in the morning, attend Chinese class in the afternoon and hang out with church friends at night. Saturday is more flexible, sometimes I just stay at home, sometimes go groceries shopping, sometimes go hiking, sometimes work overtime (very seldom, though).

Last Saturday I actually planned to watch Indonesian Culture Exhibition (ICE) performance started at 3 pm. This event is held annually in my almamater, NTUST by the Indonesian Student Association. I had participated in this event twice, involved as dancer and/or choir. This performance usually takes place on workday but this year it is held on Saturday so I decided that I would go even though I know that priority will be given to foreigner. My friend told me that there was early registration for those who want to come to the show but because it was closed two weeks before D day there was no chance for me to get the entrance ticket. He told me to queue on site instead to see if there was any seat left. I was too lazy to queue, I changed my mind and planned other itinerary.

There is a place at Yang Ming Shan National Park (Taipei) called Qing Tian Gang (擎天崗) which photos I often see from friend’s IG after I have moved to Taoyuan. This place is quite unique because there is a long path with meadows in the sideways where we can see wild buffaloes wandering freely in open meadow. We finally decided to visit this place by motorcycle. It took around 2 hours to arrive here from Taoyuan and parking fee is needed (NT10/hour for motorcycle). This place can also be reached by car and bus. But there was a long queue for car to enter the area, so motorcycle or bus is preferred.



We spent around two hours to walk around the meadow and see buffaloes close enough to take pictures. The view here is very nice, all are green. Some people visit this place and bring along carpet or even tent to sit on the grassland, just to enjoy the view. I also see few people playing kites. Because it is located in mountainous area, it was quite cold there but because at that time we followed a trail shown on the signpost, we walked to the end of the trail. It was like short hiking and in the end, we could see several mountain peaks and also sea of cloud. This is the very first sea of clouds I have seen because I though it can only be seen after lengthy exhausting hiking. Taiwan is very nice because the natural attraction is well-maintained and clean.




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