Double Content

I love to eat hotpot during winter season. Since Taiwan weather forecast has always been pretty accurate, I usually choose the coldest day to go to hotpot restaurant.

There was a hotpot restaurant near Zhong Xiao Dun Hua MRT station called Double Content, where I used to go with my friends. Its price included unlimited rice and beverage and its favorite menu was the double content, as its name. Double content referred to the two main dishes in one menu: hotpot and fried stuff. Another uniqueness of the menu was that we could choose the hotpot soup flavor with additional fees: cheese, BBQ sauce, etc. The first time I went there I ordered plain soup but later my friend told me that cheese flavor was tasty.

I also tried another branch at Shilin night market however the restaurant environment was quite poor. I personally did not prefer to eat here. It was very crowded (just as Shilin is always jam-packed) and the price only included unlimited drink but not rice. When I ate here, I still did not order cheese flavor soup.

It has been quite a long time that I want to give a shot to cheese flavor soup and we decided to go another branch near NTU Hospital. Even though the restaurant was not big, I found the environment quite cozy. Unlimited rice, beverage and ice cream were included in the price we paid. I finally ordered the double content menu with cheese flavor hotpot, and for the fried stuff we chose cheesy chicken (a little bit too much flour) and fried pork with egg, and we felt very full afterwards. It is so bad that there is no branch located at Taoyuan but we think we will visit this restaurant again next time.



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