The Trip of Board Game Club

I had a trip to Tainan last February with my colleagues, they are all also members of board game club they established themselves. Even though I am not very close with them and never participated in the board game activities they held, I decided to join the 3 days 2 nights trip. The main object of this trip was the hotel we stayed at, because besides the accommodation we also had indoor and outdoor adventures included in the package: 2 indoor and 2 outdoor. Those who plan to play all of the games need to pay additional fee.

We took shuttle bus from Taoyuan train station to Taoyuan High Speed Railway (HSR) station which took around 40 minutes, then we took HSR to Chiayi for around 1.5 hours. Arriving at Chiayi at 1 pm, we continued the journey by hotel shuttle bus for another 1.5 hours because the hotel itself is located somewhere in between Chiayi and Tainan. We arrived at Cham cham hotel at almost 4 pm, which appearance and indoor layout were very awesome! The lobby was spacious and cozy, the hotel also had pool but it was closed when we were there. We then had indoor games: escape game and laser battle. There is another game of avoiding the laser streak but we did not choose to play it.

Escape game needs two smartphone of the group members, the problems to be solved will be sent through Line. Not until the group can solve the problem will the door opens and the group can escape from the room. There were total of two rooms, one room has 3 riddles to be solved. The riddles through Line were all in Chinese.

While waiting for the laser battle, we played the games available at the basement: basketball game, darts, soccer game, mini golf and real uno stacko; the hotel also provides board game rental for certain fees. Before the laser battle game was started, our group was brought to a classroom for training of how to use the vest, understand the player’s status (alive or dead) and operate the gun. There were total of three different missions to be performed and the total duration was about 30 minutes. We all felt exhausted after the game because everyone tried to kill the enemy and score points.

The first day was closed with barbeque but we all felt disappointed of the food quality compared with the fee of NT 500/people. The amount of the food has been adjusted according to group member quantity and there was only chicken meat, very-not-fresh-seafood, very little vegetables and very many tempuras too eat. After the bbq, we returned to our room and slept normally.

The focus of the second day was the outdoor activities to play. We had breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant and I personally liked breakfast better than last night bbq. After breakfast, we played board game until 2 pm and proceed to play the outdoor games. The staffs were very friendly; they briefed us about the safety of each game and helped us to wear the safety vest. There were 4 games to choose, flying fox, rock climbing, free fall and high rope game, all were focused in a tower with 4 story. I chose the free fall and flying fox because they did not need too much energy and the game duration was quite short. One of our members was sick and so she helped us to take photos and videos during the game.


We spent only around 1.5 hours for the entire group of 11 people to finish the outdoor game. It was not even sunset yet, so we agreed to walk to a park nearby for about 15minutes. I heard that this park had wide grassland and beautiful pond and it even had slides for children to play. When we arrived there, we found a small maze. It was originally beautiful but not well maintained.  The park only consisted of dry brown grass and the pond was quite dirty.

Feeling tired after the outdoor game and the short visit to the park, we then decided to find nearby restaurant for dinner. We were that desperate about the food in the hotel (except the breakfast) that we chose to eat outside than the all-you-can-eat buffet for NT600. After dinner, we took rest and cleaned ourselves in turns. Some of the members gathered to play board game which made them forget time since they kept playing until 4am.

There was not much to do on the third day, because we needed to take the shuttle bus back to Chiayi HSR station at 11am. After breakfast, we finished our packing and left Cham cham hotel.

Cham cham hotel:

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