Souvenir Note

Tomorrow I am going home. Will be taking direct flight, yeah! ✈✈

As usual I bring some snacks from Taiwan which will be shared among neighbours, friends, etc. Here are the lists:

1. suncake 太陽餅: originated from Taichung and since I have no brand preference so I just bought at cake store near my residence.

2. pineapple cake 鳳梨酥 : Taiwan’s specialty, very similar to our nastar. I bring this home almost every year and when I skipped bringing it last year, my mom told me that she missed it. 😆 So I bring it again this time and I try 陳允寶泉 brand sold in Taipei 101.

3. Lemon cake 檸檬糕 : this cake originated from Taichung. I visited Taichung several times but did not try it until one of my colleagues gave me. And I thought it tasted good. Also buy from 陳允寶泉.

4. black peanuts 竹碳花生: it’s actually bamboo charcoal peanuts. They just look very unique so I bought them (at the nearest supermarket).

5. mochi 麻糬: The famous Taiwan mochi originated from Hualien. It usually has peanut, green tea, sesame and red bean flavor. This time I bought from a popular souvenir store called 新東陽.

6. 芝麻蛋黃餅 : A traditional Chinese cake, usually packaged with symbol shuangxi (for engagement or wedding purpose). My brother asked my to buy it, his friend once gave him and he liked it. Can be found it Tamshui area but because it is too far, so I ordered from 新勝發 in Taipei 101. 

7. Angel Roll Cake 天使奶凍捲 : roll cake with cream inside, this is my favorite souvenir! Cake like this originated from Yilan, but again it is too far! I went to Banqiao (驊珍食品) to buy it one day before my departure. Probably due to its cream inside, it has only two days before it becomes expired. Flavors available: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and taro.

8. 紫玉蘇 taro cake with mochi: I am planning to buy this at the airport. Actually there are two types of taro cakes: with mochi and without mochi. The one without mochi has stronger flavor of taro, while the one with mochi has chewy structure. 

9. pork jerky : because they just tasted delicious! Bought at Shilin night market.

That’s all I will bring home~

Happy Chinese New Year and happy holiday!


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