Yilan Hiking (Caoling+Taoyuan Valley)

Happy new year 2017 all!

On the first day of 2017, we woke up late because we went to Taipei for 101 fireworks which occurred to be awesome! Still in the euphoria of New Year 2017, we went to New Year dinner with friends along with the eye-catching pink dress code for 23 people. Still did not want to go home, we continued to play bowling and finally arrived home at midnight!

Happy New Year 2017 from Taipei 101!

On the second day of year 2017, we went hiking to Yilan. This is the second hike outside Taipei for me; the first was inside Taroko Gorge in Hualien which had nice cliff view. At first, I hesitated to go because of the long travel distance forced us to start the day very early but I kept feeling guilty after those Christmas and New Year dinner; eating like crazy! So, in order to burn those excessive calories, below is our hiking schedule to Yilan:

07.30-10.30 Taoyuan – transit to Taipei – Dali

10.30-11.30 Arrive at Dali – enter the visitor center museum – visit the temple

11.30-17.30 Hiking (Caoling trail and Taoyuan Valley-Daxi trail)

17.30-18.25 Have something to eat and wait for the train back to Taoyuan

18.25-21.30 Daxi – Taoyuan

The starting point of our hike was Dali Station, which could be reached by local train (final destination SuAo). It took around 2 hours from Taipei to Dali, a small train station in Yilan County. Before we started the hike, we waited one hour for our friend who caught up from Taipei. We killed time by entering the visitor center museum and a temple. The museum was all about Caoling history and annual silver grass festival. Few people visited the museum but it was very comprehensive, even had the microscope to observe the silver grass thoroughly.

The hike was started from the Caoling trail which entrance was just beside the temple. The view was awesome at the very first peak, we could see beach of Taiwan east coast (and the Turtle Island across the beach) and as we went further and higher we could also see the zig-zag trail of Caoling. However, we did walk through the shortcut in the form of stairs of Caoling trail instead of the long zig-zag pavement. From this very first peak also, there was a turn heading to Fulong beach.


The next section of the hike was reaching Taoyuan Valley. It was so funny that Taoyuan Valley was not located in Taoyuan, it was in Yilan instead 🙂 It  was all about hills and grassy meadows with wild buffalo freely roaming around. Instead of reaching for a peak after walking through the forest, there were so many (hill) peaks to reach with grassland landscape view (like in the Sound of Music movie) and also ups and downs stairs. It was very shiny yesterday that we had great view up there.


The hike was about 6 hours long, with more and more hills and stairs to climb. Even when we thought of climbing down after reaching the last hill peak, we were still forced to climb stairs. The last 5 km really broke our legs; we were all fed up with stairs! We ended the hike at Daxi Riverside Park and still needed to walk 1 km to Daxi train station.

I am not so into hiking, but it was fun indeed. Looking forward to doing it again next time~


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