Christmas Thoughts

Merry Christmas to all of us!

Christmas is a celebration of life, it is not just about Christmas trees, lamps and decorations, shopping and gift exchanging. Baby Jesus was born in a stable and with people of different status came to visit Him; shepherd and wise man. Jesus’ birth was meant to people of all nations regardless of their position and power.

More and more people now celebrate Christmas instead of Jesus’ birth. Christmas is now seen commercially to attract more customers.

Have we ever thought of what gift we should prepare for Jesus’ birthday? I frequently spend some time to look for gifts and presents for friends’ birthday because everyone likes gift, who don’t? . And when it came to Christmas, I often thought of gifts I should prepare for my loved ones: families, friends, colleagues, all except Jesus.  In fact, He did not demand much, just an open heart to His coming. No matter how dirty and stinky our hearts are, as long as we are willing to open them, Jesus’ birth shall have an impact.

Jesus Himself is a gift to the world, the gift specially wrapped and sent to each of us. Nobody can help us to receive the gift prepared for us.

Have a jolly holly Merry Christmas and may Jesus’ birth bring us joy and happiness throughout the year~


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