The three things

I have to admit that it is so easy to remember memory with my loved one as well as recalling his good deeds and traits when I am happy and everything goes smoothly. But there are times when I am not in the mood, angry to him and eventually blame him to soothe my anger. At this moment no matter how virtuous he has ever been, I barely can remember it. So I am going to choose these happenings, which could help me to remember that he has always put his effort in our relationship in times when I am too angry to think. (I refer to my bf when I use the pronoun he).

  1. Despite his unromantic attribute, he is patient and tolerant

At the campus that night, he had something to take care about which he promised would not be too long. He then said that he would contact me as soon as he was done and approach me wherever I was. So I went to my friend’s laboratory to have some chit-chat and it was my bad that I left my cellphone in silent mode. I tended to forget the time when I was in the middle of exciting conversation (it was about Japan travelling we discussed) and I did not realize why it took so long for him to reach me. The time went by and when I took a look at my phone, I found around 20 missed calls and a message “call me when you’re done, I do not know where to look for you and I will wait at the engineering building 1st floor”. When I read the message, I got mixed feelings of nervous and relieved. I was nervous because I knew it was my carelessness to let him wait for almost an hour having no idea where I could be going. I was relieved because he finally showed and picked me up. To my surprise, he even did not have a tiny bit of anger inside him. When he saw me, he hugged me saying that he was afraid because he did not know where to find me. I felt very grateful each time I recalled this incident because I knew deep down in my heart I could not react as calm as he was. I would be blown up and filled with negative thoughts. I admire him for his positive attitude.

  1. Despite his ignorant, he puts his best attention for me

I was lost in Hong Kong with no money, cellphone and internet connection. All I remembered was that we were trying to go somewhere by minibus. According to the map, our destination should be reach in two stops only. Quite close for bus but also too far to walk. Unluckily, there was only one seat left. I hesitated to take the bus because we would be separated. But since the driver seemed to be very impatient, then my bf said that I could first get on the bus and he would catch the next bus and we would meet there. I knew nothing about our destination except that it was only two bus stops far. But as I sat, I knew that the bus route somehow was different to what we expected. I started to panicked and then I left my cellphone in his bag, then I just could not contact him by any means. The next stop I followed someone who got off from the bus and just waited at the bus stop. I was very frightened >,< Then after around 15 minutes, I thought I saw someone like him and it was him I saw. When he saw me, he hugged me and apologized because we separated. He promised that for travelling abroad there would be no more separation. I was happy that somehow he could find me.

  1. He apologizes and forgives

Sometimes I just get so annoyed of little things and overreact because I realize that I just cannot bottle up my expressions from him. It was last Sunday during our 30-minute-ride to the church that I started to feel that he ignored me by kept talking to his friends. I was unhappy that entire day and it was clearly reflected on my face. To make long story short, we fought and yelled each other at the end of the day. I told him I felt abandoned and I wanted him to care more about me. On the other hand, he said that he did not even try to abandon me. He wanted to socialize more with his friends and he asked me to rebuke him if he made me feel that way again.

I try my best to keep at least these three things to remind me that he always puts his effort for our relationship and I should, too.

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