Nara and the Deer

Our highlight of Nara trip was to play with the cute deers of Nara Park. Besides Nara Park, there are actually must visit temple in Nara; such as Todaiji Temple, Horyuji Temple, Kasuga Taisha Temple, Kofukuji Temple. In this trip we did not pay attention to the temples, because we have visited some of them in our last trip. The Todaiji Temple has big Buddha in it and also a big tree with holes under it. It was said that each people that can go through the holes can have a wish come true. So there were several people queueing to cross the holes and I followed them. I thought that the hole was big enough for my body but then when I was there I needed to roll my body like sushi in order to get out.

After we arrived at Nara Kintetsu Station, we stopped by Kofukuji Temple to admire the three and five story pagodas and also the main hall. Some deer had already greeted us here, they were very smart they would know if you had deer crackers to feed them or not. Because we wanted to play and took photos with the deer, we bought the deer crackers for Y150 and we got 10 pcs of crackers. They would follow our steps and cutely bow before they asked for the crackers.

We continued our walk to Nara Park and we passed the National Museum of Nara. We had been here once so we did not stop again this time and keep walking to the Nara Park. Here in Nara Park, more deer greeted us and we played with them till drop. Their cuteness made us stayed there to play for 3 hours. Nara Park will lead to the entrance of the Todaiji Temple, but because we had no plan of entering it the second time, we turned back and returned to Osaka.

I remembered in our 2014 trip, we also visited Kasuga Taisha Temple because we used Kansai Pass so that we could explore Nara by bus instead of walking. But this time we just used our Kintetsu Pass which only allowed us to take Kintetsu railway so we relied on our feet to take us around. Kasuga Taisha was very beautiful; I recalled taking photos of its lining lantern, giving the impression of a very old yet well-maintained temple.

We had no more plan after visiting Nara that day because there were actually less tourist attractions that could be reached by using Kintetsu Pass. Therefore we just stayed at Osaka and my bf suggested that we went to jazz bar at night. For lunch we had omurice near Dotonburi, finally I could see the famous Glico during the day! The restaurant was decorated in a very strong Japanese style where the tables were very short and people needed to sit on the matted floor after putting shoes in the free designated lockers. Taking advantage of being in Dotonburi during the day where less people queueing for food, we ordered the famous Takoyaki Y650 for 8 pcs. The octopus they putted inside was so big and I loved it! We planned to go to Royal Horse jazz bar at 6.30pm before the jazz performance would be started at 7pm, so after buying takoyaki we went to Umeda and stayed in a café called Belle vile, selling fluffy pancake as the main afternoon tea dishes. The pancake they sold was very fluffy, slightly shaking while it was brought to our table, and the greentea flavor was fabulous, too. Then we headed to Royal Horse to see the jazz performance while also drinking baileys cocktail and draft beer. This day was the most relaxing day we had because we didn’t need to rush to visit many places, just enjoying ourselves during the vacation.


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