Last Saturday

As usual, I went to Taipei last weekend. My bf and I left at 9am by train and after we arrived, we separated because he had dentist appointment while I decided to go window shopping to Taipei Underground Mall. Bags, clothes, shoes, accessories, cute stuffs could be found in this area. I remembered that I always eat ice cream each time I visit this place but the temperature decreased a lot lately so I didn’t make it last time.

I just spent around 1hour to stroll here because after bf dentist appointment we agreed to go to GuangHua Digital Plaza to visit HTC store, to complain about my new HTC one ME which was very slow, especially for gaming purpose. We spent about 2 hours to complain while the staff persisted that there was actually nothing wrong with my phone. Formerly, I was very convinced with my phone’s specs and it really broke my heart that it didn’t work the way it had to according to its specs. Its performance was horrible, too many times lagging and I totally regretted that I ever made decision to buy HTC brand. After using our 2 hours to complain, we realized that we missed lunch time and starving, and sadly the restaurant we planned to eat lunch closed for break time, we then just wandered around GongGuan area to eat the crispy fried chicken my bf used to had part time job at and Yoshinoya because we were actually craving for Japanese sashimi, but Japanese gyudon was quite close.

While we were in Gongguan, we did not want to miss the opportunity to buy NTU waffle. This waffle store is very well-known that I had ever queued for one and half hour just to get my chocolate waffle done on a nice Sunday afternoon. Last Saturday we just waited for 20minutes to get our chocolate cream waffles ready. There was once a store branch inside our campus but it was closed not long after it opened that we always went to NTU if we feel like buying waffle.

We were very full after having late lunch plus afternoon dessert then headed to MRT Kunyang Station to attend church activity in which we pray and strengthen each other through sharing session. We thank God for His blessings and we were challenged to also be blessings for our surroundings. And finally eat our dinner at around 8.30pm. Indonesian dishes such as chili egg, stir frie anchovy, soy sauce chickens were served and we ate until very full.

Last Saturday of mine firstly was about anger and hunger but then closed with prayer and good food.


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