Nagoya Day Trip

My bf has best friend working in Japan and we had agreed to meet in Nagoya because apparently she spent some time doing her internship in this city. We arrived at Nagoya at 8am and had breakfast in Komeda café of Nagoya station. We ordered hamburger, pancakes and karage which were all delicious. The hamburger size was bigger than I expected and the Halloween pancake was cutely decorated. Our friend said that this café was first opened at Nagoya station and was very popular afterwards.

Then we visited Nagoya Science Museum which was also recommended for its biggest planetarium, its interesting yet simple experiments like the Electricity and Freezing Experiments which needed reserved ticket to enter the show. We booked the seat for planetarium show at 11.20 but because we were too busy observing the first three floors; we did not realize that it was 11.40 already which meant we missed our planetarium show. Because our friend really recommended the planetarium, we then decided to buy another ticket for evening show at 16.40, meanwhile we then went to Nagoya Castle but since buying ticket was necessary to enter the front gate we then cancelled to enter the castle and just enjoying its view from outside.

Next we headed to Oasis 21, a mall to hang out near Nagoya Station with its Star Wars balcony named the “Field of Green”. The balcony had shallow pool with clear water and the overall design was really nice, in addition we could also spot the Nagoya TV Tower from the balcony. We had lunch here, the crispy fried pork with miso sauce, which I considered ordinary in Taiwan but more delicious in Japan. They also had two types of rice, white rice and the other type of rice which I thought had more taste and made good combination with the tonkatsu. Sadly I could not remember the name of the second rice.

This time we would not want to miss the planetarium show again and so we returned earlier to the Nagoya Science Museum and spent waiting time by enjoying the 4th and 5th floor of the museum. It was so big that by the time we watched the planetarium show, we hadn’t finished observing the 6th floor about the space which was one of my favorites. The planetarium itself was so big with revolving seat which allowed us to turn around and have better view of the dome. The show was 40 minutes in total and was explained in Japanese which I couldn’t understand a word so I enjoyed the first 15minutes looking at the stars and slept for the rest of the show. HAHA Planetarium has always been a good place to take rest just like we did at Hongkong. It was getting dark when we finished the planetarium show and couldn’t continue walking around the museum since it was closed already. We needed to catch our train back to Osaka because this for this return trip we did not take express train and it took almost 3 hours to reach Osaka. We then said goodbye to our dear friend after we had some dessert in a café inside Nagoya station. That was the best green tea dessert I have had during my Japan trip.

We visited Dotonburi again for dinner and this time we had the Osaka dumplings. We ordered the original (Y260/6pcs) and takoyaki sauce flavor (Y320/5pcs) which were delicious with different taste of soy sauce to dip but we still thought that Taiwan dumpling (and soy sauce) is more delicious.


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