KL trip (part1)

This summer 2016, after the hectic wedding surveys in Jakarta, we then flied to KL for our short summer vacation. Officially we just had 2.5 days to stroll around KL before we returned to Taipei. We were very lucky that we have a friend, Rosi, who had spent around 4 years in KL and so she kindly helped us with our itinerary as well as our accommodation. At first we were indecisive about picking the hotel location, between KL Sentral, KLCC / Bukit Bintang. We then followed Rosi’s suggestion to stay at KL Sentral because of its easy access of public transportation from/to airport despite its less attraction nearby. KL Sentral is also located closer to the airport compared to KLCC or Bukit Bintang.

According to my research, it was very recommended to visit KL surrounding as Batu Caves and Genting Highland. Firstly, I think we could combine these two places in one day, KL- Batu Caves – Genting Highland but there is no transportation mode available from Batu Caves to Genting, meaning that returning to KL Sentral is a must before departing to Genting, which we think could be very time-wasting. Since our time was very limited then we decided to stay in KL only. This meant that I should plan another trip to Malaysia then. 🙂

Plane ticked booked, hotel confirmed, then off we flied! Our flight to KL was at noon and we arrived at KLIA at around 4 pm. We first looked for the internet sim card at the airport. Before luggage claim, we found several stalls including Hotlink/Maxis which offered quite cheap package. We then postponed buying the package because we thought that we could buy it after we reached the arrival hall. To our surprise, the exactly same brand of Hotlink/Maxis stall at the arrival hall was more expensive than the one we saw inside the airport. We were so disappointed and moved on to buy the Digi package, which turned out to have good connectivity and signal during our stay in KL.

Rosi instructed us to take bus from KLIA to KL Sentral but we had difficulties in looking for the bus terminal. The directions were unclear and we could barely find the information staff.  We then asked a taxi driver how to reach the bus terminal and were instructed to get across the other building and went to its basement to find the ticket bus counter. We bought the bus ticket to KL Sentral for RM 10, which was the cheapest transportation mode to KL and waited for around 30minutes for the bus before we left.

It took around 1.5 hours until we arrived at KL Sentral. We then walked to the hotel we had booked before and it turned out that our hotel location was just around the corner. From our hotel we could reach KL Sentral in 10minutes and Brickfield area in 5minutes. KL Sentral station was huge because it not only did it house six rail networks but also connected to hotels, offices as well as malls, one of which we had visited: Nu Sentral mall.

We were starving due to the long trip (and traffic jam) from KLIA and after some cleaning, we went strolling around to see our hotel’s surrounding as well as to look for the Go KL bus station we were going to go for the next day trip. We chose to travel around KL by Go KL bus because the route it offered had covered most of tourist attractions we wanted to explore and because it was free of charge. There is also other option to travel by Hop On and Off bus with its appealing open deck but we then chose the free Go KL bus.

Our arrival day at KL was closed with dinner of Biryani Rice at Legend’s Claypot Briyani House, Brickfield. I loved the various spices inside, making the dish very tasteful. The portion was huge and I just could not fill my stomach with any other food after I finished it.


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