Fascinating Japan Itinerary 2016

My boyfriend and I just returned from vacation in Japan. We spent 9 days in total, focusing in Kansai area. We have been to Kansai area two years ago but we just spent 5 days at that time going to Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Nara. This trip will mostly repeat our favorite parts of the previous trip and add new highlights, of course, such as going to Nagoya, Iga Ueno and Universal Studio.

We realized that transportation fee in Japan is so expensive so we did our research choosing the suitable pass for our trip. Again we choose Kansai thru pass for 3 days which could be used as our transportation from and to the airport and Osaka Amazing Pass for 2 days to explore Osaka city which is very beneficial because it offers free entrance for around 30 place of interest. In addition to those passes, we also buy Kintetsu pass for 5 days because we planned to go to Nagoya and Iga Ueno.

Before we began our trip, we just booked the plane ticket, hotel, transportation passes (Kansai thru pass and Osaka Amazing Pass) and internet sim card. We planned to buy Kintetsu pass and Universal Studio ticket in Japan.

The table below shows our itinerary for 9 days:

Day 1 KYOTO Kansai thru pass (Y5200 for 3 days)
Fushimi Momoyama Castle
Fushimi Inari
Nishiki Market
Asahi Brewery
Higashi Hongaji
Philosopher Path
Kyoto Imperial Palace

Day 2 NAGOYA Kintetsu pass (Y3800 for 5 days)
Toyota Museum Of Industry
Nagoya Castle
Nagoya TV Tower
Nagoya Port Building Observation
Higashiyama Sky Tower
Nagoya City Museum
Nagoya City Tram, Subway Museum
Nagoya Brewery Asahi

Day 3 IGA UENO Kintetsu Pass (Y3800 for 5 days)
Iga Ueno: Basho Museum
Iga Ueno: Danjiri Museum
Iga Ueno: Ninja Museum
Iga Ueno: Ueno Castle
Iga Ueno: Sukodo School
Iga Ueno: Basho Birth House
Iga Ueno: Monimushi-an

Day 4 Nara (Y3800 for 5 days)
Nara: Nara Park
Nara: Kasuga Taisha
Nara: Hōryū-Ji
Nara: Todaiji Temple
Nara: Yakushiji Temple

DAY 5 and 6 : OSAKA (Osaka Amazing Pass Y3000 for 2 days)
Museum Of Housing And Living
Osaka Castle
Aqua Liner
Osaka Science Museum
Shitennoji Temple
Nakanoshima Night View Cruise
Osaka Tennoji Zoo
Tombori Cruise
Santa Maria Cruise
Tempozan Giant Wheel
Osaka Sakishima Building
Umeda Sky Building
HEP Ferris Wheel
Spa World
Kuromon Ichiba Market

Day 7: HIMEJI + KOBE Kansai thru pass (Y5200 for 3days)
Himeji Castle + Kokoen
Himeji Shoshazan Engyō-Ji
Himeji Harimanokunisosha
Himeji Japan Toy Museum
Himeji Nagoyama Stupa
Kobe Chinatown
Kobe Meriken Park
Kobe Port Tower
Kobe Mount Rokko Observation Deck

Day 8 Universal Studio Japan (Suica)

Day 9 Osaka Kansai thru pass (Y5200 for 3days)
Osaka Tennoji Zoo
Osaka Aquarium (Kaiyukan)



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