Wedding Survey: Photography

In my opinion, choosing photography services is not that complicated. I can easily access the portfolios available online and see the videos through youtube. The only obstacle is that I can not directly see the real album’s quality, but that is not really in my priority. I have collected around 42 photography vendors and finally come to a very potential vendor after some price and style comparison through discussion with my bf.

Alienco is the photographer from my web-surfing in the bridestory and weddingku website. I just love the way they capture the moment and get the emotion of the occurrence. Other consideration is because they propose great services with affordable price. I also managed to ask some of my acquaintances who had used their service and from my research and they were all very satisfied with their choice. This idea of course added my confidence in considering Alienco as my vendor.

For photography vendor, I only list Alienco as potential vendor, after eliminating numerous high class yet costly vendor. This does not mean that we just emphasis the budget because we realize after the entire tiring D day, memories captured through photos and videos are all that is left. Therefore we try to optimize the quality as well as the fees. My first impression while contacting Alienco was that they provided fast and friendly response to my mail as well as chat. The day finally came when we made the appointment to meet up in person with Mr Ali. He calmly described the service they offer and provided us with the images through the laptop. In conclusion, we were convinced with Alienco and finally decided to have them as our D day photographer.

Alienco photography

pre-wedding and wedding Photography




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