Wedding Survey: Wedding Organizer

During my three day stay in Jakarta in early August, I made two appointments with Wedding Organizer (WO) candidates. Why only two? Because previously I had spent time to do research and compare several WO services and price lists before I came to asking to meet two strong candidates in person. However, when we had returned to Taiwan, my bf’s parents recommended us another WO. So then we have three candidates in total with the third candidate meetup scheduled by Skype conversation.

The representative of the first WO we met has been very fast response during our conversation through the socmed. She systematically explained the D day services they provided, along with the photos and rundowns to help us get the overall process. There will be total of 8 people handling the D day with each people handling his own responsibility and connected each other with walkie-talkie. Two of them act as bride and groom personal assistants, following bride groom wherever they are.

Then we proceed with meeting the second WO representatives. With fun and easy-going style, they described the services they provided. From their presentation, I got the idea of young and energetic youths helping bride and groom for the D day in more flexible way. There will be 7 people assisting the D day including two bride groom personal assistants. However, the bride’s personal assistant will not accompany her for the afternoon retouch because all of the team will directly move to the wedding venue to organize the party. For the wedding party, the task division is very clear in the beginning but when everything is constant enough then the staffs, connected with walkie-talkie, will be dynamically help each other.

The last WO was recommended by my bf’s parents, because one of the team leaders happened to be in the same choir with bf’s parents. At first I was kind of hesitate to make further contact with this WO due to its price which exceeds our budget. But parents have their own considerations and push us to at least listen to the presentation before taking final decision. We then agree to have the cloud meeting with the representative. As I suppose, the services offered were almost the same, except that they include the candid photography service, which is unnecessary because we have some potential photography vendors already. After the presentation, we still agree that the fee they charge is a little bit too expensive in spite of the similar services they offer.

Actually before the first two meetings I was still blank about what to ask to the WO representative. But then I realized along with the meetings that the services provided were quite alike. It was the chemistry and the budget which played the role in decision making. I believe that the three of them were well-experienced, they had tons of cases they had handled before along with each unique issues needing decision making and eventually ended just fine. We finally picked Bridget WO to help us during the D-day. It is my hope that we can cooperate well and we may have a great wedding party.

WO has been resolved but still, there are lots of other stuffs to consider, fighting!

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