Wedding Survey : Venue and Church

By early August, I returned to Jakarta for very short duration to do some surveys for the wedding preparation. We decided to first take a look at the venue candidates, ask more information about church registration and meet with the wedding organizer candidates and photography vendor as well. This post will mainly describe the survey for venue and church.

For venue candidates, firstly we just had two places in our minds: Royale Gading (Mall Artha Gading) and Gading Marina since we chose to hold the event in Kelapa Gading area. Then after we had several met ups, we got other potential candidates; Kirana Two, Batavia Marina and Graha Kirana. However, until we departed to Malaysia for summer vacation, we did not manage to visit Batavia Marina and Graha Kirana.

  1. Royale Gading:

We did visit these two venues on our first day in Jakarta starting from Royale Gading. It was a coincidence that Royale Gading was holding exhibition when we arrived there. We managed to see both of the function halls, smaller one on the sixth floor (Anggrek Room) and larger one on fifth floor (Raffles Room), which area were still considerably suitable for my invitations quantity. In addition, there were some foods for visitors to test and even other partner vendors such as groom suit, wedding cake, photography. Actually I had high expectation for this place since the fee they charged was suitable with my budget. However, the foods taste (in-house catering) was not really satisfying that I honestly would re-consider of dealing in here. My summary:

  • The function hall space was nice, no blocking pillar, fully carpet
  • The ceiling of Raffles Room was divided into two parts, short on the entrance and getting higher at the direction of wedding stage.
  • The ceiling of Anggrek Room was also divided into two parts since this hall had the balcony at the back of the room aimed for the family’s dining table
  • The food tasted so-so and since the catering was in-house, I had no other choice of catering vendors
  • There is no need to worry about parking space availability here because its location is inside the mall
    up left – right: Anggrek Room wedding stage from balcony; stairs to the balcony    down left-right: balcony area layout; entrance to Anggrek Room

    Raffles room wedding stage
  1. Gading Marina

Next we went to Gading Marina and met with the marketing staff. We went around the two function halls available on the second floor of the building. The building itself could not be described as luxurious, probably seemed a bit odd but the halls inside was quite clean and well-maintained. The two function halls were distinguished by their size, the larger one was very large, much too large for my invitation quantity. The smaller one should be more appropriate so here I just considered the smaller hall named Marina room. My summary:

  • Marina room had lengthwise layout which I think could lead to the feeling that the room was narrow and crowded once the buffet tables had occupied the space
  • No blocking pillar, fully carpet, appropriate height for the ceiling
  • There was not much parking space available for the guest
  • They had variety of catering vendors which we could choose from and I like this point because I did need to rely the wedding party’s reputation just to one in-house catering

    left-right: Marina room entrance (usually for receptionist and food stalls); view of wedding stage from entrance hall; view of entrance from wedding stage nearby.
  1. Kirana Two building

Based on suggestion we received then we proceed to visit Kirana Two building. I heard that this place was more exclusive and had the luxurious feeling compared to the previous two places. And yes, I could feel it when I reached this place, it was an office tower and the function hall was surrounded by glass, offering decent night view for the guest. The hall rented for event was the entire floor which had three rooms, one biggest room as the main hall named Bale Kirana and other two smaller rooms which they said usually used for family tables. Here is my summary:

  • It also had lengthwise layout but since it was very spacious so there was no worry about the crowded atmosphere it would induce
  • No blocking pillar, fully carpet, appropriate height for the ceiling
  • Since the family table would be located on the other separated rooms, then I was concerned for the inconvenience it would bring to the family to go back and forth to eat and enjoy the party
  • The fee was quite pricey
  • Rental duration was usually 2 hours but for this venue it was for 4 hours, which was more than enough
  • Also had choices of catering vendors to choose

    up left, up right, down: wedding stage from entrance; Bale Kirana main hall entrance; inside Bale Kirana main hall.
  1. Batavia Marina

The information I heard about Batavia Marina is that this place is romantic, has pool and you can get prewedding photo session inside for free. The newly wed can also use the cruise as the property of the wedding party. I could imagine walking down from the cruise balcony to the reception area, the idea is just gorgeous. The original decoration was good enough even though no additional decoration was involved. In a nutshell, it mainly is semi-outdoor venue and quite pricey for our budget. I have no outdoor imagination of my wedding party because I hated the idea that I needed to rely on the weather. Therefore, I did not include it to my further consideration.

  1. Graha Kirana

I still did not have adequate information about this place since we were referred to this venue just one day before our departure to Malaysia, so we did not have time to pay it a visit. Basically, Graha Kirana and Kirana Two both have the same developer and now under the same management and therefore they shared mostly the same vendor’s partners. I heard that this place was just opened for wedding hall rental recently and so less people had ever attended wedding party here. I had some photos but it was quite difficult to judge whether the room had the ceiling height and the layout you want. I am thinking about asking our parents to go there for further survey so that I could have better idea about the place itself. And of course, they can help me to choose!

Venue conclusion: I still can not decide; but of all the choices I have here, I would say I have narrowed down to two strong candidates of Gading Marina (despite its lengthwise layout) and Graha Kirana (depend on the next survey result).

*Additional information about Central Restaurant Kelapa Gading: the capacity for the wedding venue here is only 150 people. Considering about the invitations I am going to spread, I have to eliminate Central despite its tasty foods.

We were also concerned about the preparation we needed to go through for holy matrimony at St Yakobus Kelapa Gading church, my bf parish. We will need to attend the marriage preparation program and also the interview in Taiwan and therefore we took time to visit the church’s secretariat while we were at Jakarta. The lady in the office gave us an introduction form to be given to the priest in Taiwan who will eventually help us with the marriage preparation program and the interview. The next step will be to prepare the introduction letter from each of our parish, renewed baptized certificates, marriage preparation program certificates, personal information form and side-by-side photos. We also hope that the civil registration could also be held in the church area right after the holy matrimony therefore we asked for the contact of responsible staff from the church. It was kind of her to provide us with the contact person and the documents needed for civil registration.

Basically, we were quite clear with the procedure for both holy matrimony and civil registration but we still must be aware of those documents needed as well as the deadlines. The donation we needed to pay for the holy matrimony is Rp 2.000.000 , excluding the standard decoration fee of Rp 1.500.000 with the addition of Rp 500.000 needed for upgraded decoration. However, the decoration color shall follow the liturgical color of the week. There are maximum of three holy matrimonies held in this church and because we got the third schedule I suppose I will skip overthinking about the church decoration. Standard decoration will do us just fine.

St. Yakobus Kelapa Gading Church Altar

That’s all for the venue and church survey, I really hope that we can fix the venue as soon as possible so that I can start choosing my theme color as well as thinking about the small stuff related to the wedding. *fingerscrossed

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  1. tashya says:

    halooo.. Baru sempet main-main ke blognya. Semua survei tempatnya di daerah Gading ya. Udah dapet yang oke? Aku juga dulu tinggal di Gading ^^ Semangat ya buat preparationnya.


    1. greenaholics says:

      Hii tashya, tertarik ke Graha Kirana sih krn layoutnya melebar sih cmn masih blm di-fixkan. Thanks a lot yaaa~~


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