Ora et Labora

I always have this sentence “Ora et Labora” (pray and work) in my mind but sometimes in reality it is just difficult to take time to cool down and pray when your thoughts are fully occupied with the deadlines and other urgent stuffs.

It was around three  weeks ago when my bf finally got a new offer and decided to change his job that he notified me he would have five days of leave, meaning that he would have a week of holiday. This is good news; we eventually have time to plan a trip somewhere, despite the fact that I myself also need to apply for five-day-leave in my office and at that moment, I was in the middle of an urgent project and unless I could find someone to substitute me then delay of the whole project was inevitable.

I really wanted to go for short vacation but given that there was limited time for us to plan the trip to other country then we decided to return to our home country, as my bf and I would need to do some survey for our wedding preparation (yes, I am getting married!).  We agreed to divide our trip into two parts, the surveying thing in Jakarta and the summer escape in Malaysia. However, before I could even think about the trip itself, fist I need to focus in solving my urgent project.

When I told my supervisor two weeks before my departure, she kept saying that all other staffs were busy on their own projects, obviously telling me that she couldn’t find someone to substitute me. I was commanded to complete the urgent project before my trip. This clearly perplexed me since I had no power to start the project execution earlier; the preceding part had not been completed and all I could do was to wait. It was not until I took time to reflect and pray that I realized that the obstacles to my project execution had been eliminated one by one, slowly but sure:

  1. The machines were relocated to the manufacturing plant and returned to the production line one day earlier than expected.
  2. I could ask for earlier machines’ re-calibration and even the reports were provided to me in no time.
  3. There was no problem for human power needed to execute the machines’ trial run; this was an anomaly because usually I need to book the human power around two weeks in advance.
  4. When I encountered programming problem during the machines’ trial run, the responsible personnel was available right away to deal with and solve the tricky part.
  5. In the end, the machines’ trial run was accomplished two days before my leave and I still had adequate period to prepare my reports and finish the trial run for the other machine.

I managed to finish the urgent project 1.5 weeks faster than scheduled. I was so relieved I could depart from Taiwan without any thought of project delay due to my incompetence. Not to mention that there was training about the machine I will be in charge of with the trainer coming from America during my leave which suddenly got cancelled.

It was not because of either my strength or my cleverness; it was gracefully given from above and I was beyond grateful for that. God is good all the time.



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