Bubble Ball Game-Taipei


It was a month already since I participated in Bubble Ball Game. It was actually a casual gathering event held by my friends’ office and I was invited to join. As I have never played this sort of game before and I would like to have some experience about the game, I decided to sign up although scary was my first impression to the game. We were reminded by the event holder to wear comfortable sport shoes because no sandals were allowed. Based on the information I got from the English website, particular concern was also given for those wearing eyeglasses so I decided that day I played I would use soft lenses.

It is an indoor game and at the side of the playing arena, free lockers are prepared for players who want to secure their stuff. In addition, couches are also available for those who need to take rest or just to watch the ongoing game. I arrived at the location earlier and I got chance to watch the previous stage of game. By doing so, I had rough idea about how a player enters into the bubble ball and also some rules of the game. Seemed quite simple and no severe hazard might be inducted. We laughed a lot when we watched the previous session because the players’ motions were just entertaining! They pushed and bumped a lot, some even rolled themselves because they lost their balance or could not kick the ball because of the spacious bubble ball!

For half an hour game, each participant needs to prepare 500 NT for the admission fee. This 30 minute duration will be allocated for bubble ball cleaning for 5 minutes and playing for 25 minutes. I initially supposed that 30 minutes will be too short for such an exciting game.

Five minutes before entering the arena, the players were gathered to have basic notice of the game, no pushing from someone’s back, no bubble ball lifting during the game, no stuff was allowed inside each player’s pocket, etc. We were then instructed to take a pair of knee pad before moving into the play arena. Entering the play arena, we were welcomed by the referee who also led the game. She explained that we must divide ourselves into two groups each having five members marked by the bubble ball’s color and also described how player were supposed to enter the bubble ball  and carried it along the way just as we carried our bag pack by its straps.

Overall, there were four games played during 25 minutes duration. The first game was the normal soccer where each team needed to score goal to opponent’s goalpost. We were very enthusiastic to start the game, trying to kick the ball and score goals. As time went by, we found it was more interesting to bump into someone and strike him down better than to find the small ball, which brought more personal satisfaction.


This personal satisfaction was then brought into reality when the second game’s rules were announced. It was the main goal for the players to collide with, knocked each other down and stood on your two feet until the time was up. We started to feel exhausted because of the heavy bubble ball’s weight. But despite the bubble ball’s weight, we collided with each other with our fullest energy, causing some players fell on the ground, doing some bloated-gymnastics-forward-roll. It must have been a ridiculous thing to see your friends keep rolling like a sushi!

We almost lost our breath when the third game was started. Each of the players needed to get inside the bubble ball, being rolled by other team members from one side to the other side of the playing arena. The team which all members had been rolled and reached the finish line would win the game. It was very dizzy inside the ball that I would not love to repeat if I were asked to.

With decreasing stamina, we were explained about how to play the fourth game. This last game did not require active collision to one another because all of us were required to occupy a small-size-box in the center of playing arena. A player would be counted “IN” the box if his two feet and half of the bubble ball were inside the box when time was up. Since the box was not that big to hold 10 bloated people, of course we pushed each other to find our place.

After completing the entire games, I realized that the game was not as scary as I thought it would be. On contrary, it was both exhilarating and exhausting! Fall down, can’t stand up, roll over, bounce off due to the bumping was fun! By the end of the game, I was ready to drop so needless to say, 30 minutes time provided is more than enough. We finally closed the bubble ball game session with group photos. Say cheese!


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